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Reciprocal Privileges:

Your 2019 membership will provide you with reciprocal privileges at over 75 Yacht Clubs around Lake Ontario. Most of these clubs are only open to visitors who are members of another yacht club. Being a member of FPYC means that you will be welcome to dock your boat and take advantage of many of their facilities with no charge for your first night! Many of our members find that reciprocal privileges alone provide full value for their FPYC membership!

Organized Cruises:

In a typical season FPYC Club Cruise Directors plan and organize 6 to 8 reciprocal club cruises. This gives you the opportunity to cruise with the club fleet to visit other clubs. It is a great way to meet your fellow FPYC members and form new boating friendships. Club cruises include free weekend dockage, fun-filled activities, pot luck dinners and much more! For more information, see the 2019 Cruise schedule included in this package.

Social events:

FPYC holds numerous social events throughout the summer months that you and your guests will be welcome to attend. Our Social Committee plans a Spring Splash, Sailpast, a Summer Barbecue and, of course, the Commodore’s Ball at the end of season. For more information see the 2019 Social Event schedule included in this package


Our newsletter editor and communication director, publishes a monthly illustrated newsletter filled with great boating stories and photos reviewing our various Club events.

Now accepting E-Transfer for membership application and renewal payments. See Frequent Questions for detailed Instructions!

$55p/yearSocial Member

Don't own a boat?

You can still participate in the fun and festivities. We offer social memberships to those who want to crew or just join in for social functions.

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$205p/yearNew Member

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  • FPYC Burgee Included
  • Must not have been a member or let their membership lapse for at least 2 years
  • cruise all summer
  • attend all the social events
  • reciprocal privileges at other yacht clubs around the lake.
  • Monthly Newsletter
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$190p/yearRegular Full Membership

  • cruise all summer
  • attend all the social events
  • reciprocal privileges at other yacht clubs around the lake.
  • Monthly Newsletter
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Frequent Questions

  • Can I pay for my membership using E-Transfer?

    Yes. We Are Now Accepting E-Transfer for Membership Fees

    There will be a service charge applied to the sender’s account, typically $1.50.

    Following are general instructions.

    1. Log into your online bank account.

    2. Select "Send Money" or "E-Transfer".

    3. Add "Karyn Maddeaux" to the recipient list.

    4. Enter as the recipient’s email.

    5. Select account and amount of funds being withdrawn.

    6. Choose or select a security question and answer as requested.

    7. Confirm transfer and send.

    8. In a separate email to, provide completed Membership Form and answer to security question.

  • Do you have to have your boat at Fifty Point to be a member?

    Yes. In order to be a full member of FPYC and enjoy all the privileges and reciprocal rights, you must have a mooring within Fifty Point Marina.

  • Can I be a social member if I don't have a boat?

    Absolutely! Stay connected with your friends around the marina, participate in all of the social events.

  • What role does FPYC with the Fifty Point Marina?

    Fifty Point Yacht Club adds the social ingredient to your life at Fifty Point Marina. Spring Splash, Commodores Ball, Sail Past, Club cruises are just some of the activities put on by the club.